Betsy Ann Ross House of Hope
Assisting women veterans

Betsy Ann Ross House of Hope

Our mission

To establish a support system for female veterans that creates a feeling of community by providing housing for the veteran and their children, aiding in access of services, and finding opportunities for training, education and employment to achieve independence.

Our vision

A state where there is no female veteran in need, where no female veteran is homeless or in distress. A state where female veterans are included in the community. Where female veterans are secure, independent and self sufficient, with the dignity, honor and respect they deserve.

Services and features proposed

  • An on site social worker with experience in women’s PTSD and military sexual trauma.
  • A van to transport the veterans to Togus (VA hospital) or to the career center to learn new skills and how to get back to work after being in combat or traumatized in another way.
  • Opportunities for volunteers to teach cooking classes and topics such as budgeting, what to wear on a job interview, how to get along with people.
  • A garden area the veterans and their children can work in. Experience in the garden can be very healing for the veterans and their children. Food grown will be contributed to the household food supply and everyone will enjoy the experience of planting and watching their vegetables grow.


We plan to open sometime in early 2017. Donations and grants are needed so that we can open the doors at Betsy Ross House of Hope and begin assisting women veterans as soon as possible.